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Thesis and Dissertation Templates

Over the last four years after my PhD, the scope of my work has widened. Besides working on the protein folding dynamics at nano-scale, I am now also working on precise models for brain that will focus on a scientific unsolved problem of the brain function. I hope it will prove to be as fascinating over time. My new field, Physical Scientific Computing, deals with accurate physical models and their temporal change and dynamics in space — and how that goes back and forth with traditional scientific computing as well as experimental data. People have started building on top of my work, which feels very rewarding as well.

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Did you face any challenges regarding the evaluation of your dissertation such as from the external examiner? At the beginning, yes. I changed many labs as well trying to get funding for my topic. It would have been easier to work on a well defined project in one of those labs, but I had my vision-bug to handle. Few years later, everything fell into place into the dissertation, and at the end, my committee was quite excited with the outcome. But again, your dissertation is not the end, it is the beginning of a new work and has to find its place in world.

So, your committee is the least of your worries. Try to think about how it will benefit the world. If it benefits people or a small subset of them, they will ultimately accept the significance of your work. See beyond your degree and committee and defense — see the world and its people and how your work fits in it. Yes, you can do it.

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There will be barriers. Let it not be a deterrent.

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If needed, you have to fight your battle. What would you have done differently if you could do it all over again? What advice do you have for doctoral students who would like to produce a non-traditional dissertation? When you do ground-breaking work, you have to protect your work. Keep a track of your work and accomplishments and date it well.


There is of course arxiv and many, many other online resources and public repositories. Use them well and wisely. Document document document. Find grad students and post-docs who will be your future colleagues. Grow together and support each other in panels and conferences. Find good mentors who will help you get to your NEXT step. I hope you feel encouraged to do your visionary work, and I wish you luck. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Steps To Finish Dissertation With A Conceptual Model

As you can see in the diagram below, these rectangles either have a a thick line with no inner shading or b a dotted line with no shading. We recommend using:. A thick line when the constructs are part of a broader , overarching construct. For example, in a study looking at the construct, customer loyalty , you may be interested in number of constructs, such as service quality , trust , customer satisfaction , and so forth.

However, you may also be interested in a customer's age , gender , income , educational background , and so forth. All of these latter constructs i. In either case, you should give the rectangle a name e. When you are simply illustrating how different constructs are underpinned by certain theories, this can be shown by placing a rectangle , with inner shading , but no line , underneath the relevant constructs which we put in circles.

When we want to show how theories and constructs may overlap , we can bring together two or more rectangles ; again, rectangles with inner shading , but no line. In both cases, it is helpful to use a different colour of inner shading for each of the different theories, especially when they overlap. With all the different construct, hypotheses, arrows, construct grouping, and maybe even theoretical grouping, it is difficult to avoid producing a diagram i. A lot of this is trial and error, but one rule that you should try and stick to is to start with those constructs that are acting as independent variables on the left of the diagram, and those constructs acting as dependent variables on the right.

Just as we read the page from left-to-right , we want the reader to quickly understand that we are examining the impact of those independent variables also known as predictor variables on the left , on the dependent variables also known as outcomes variables on the right.

Writing a dissertation

Once you've worked through STEPS A to D above, it is time to put your diagram together, and give the theoretical model you have created a suitable title. Below we illustrate an example model:.