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  1. Geography Fieldwork - The effects of Tourism in Keswick - GCSE Geography - Marked by
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Geography Fieldwork - The effects of Tourism in Keswick - GCSE Geography - Marked by

Prepare some speech notes to follow should you be selected to present your work to the group. Objective: Examine the changes in location and development of different tourist activities. Theory time: So far, you should have realised the following global trends: 1. Continued positive growth in the European and Americas.

Static tourism numbers in poorest African and South Asia countries as well as the often unstable Middle East. Primary Tourism Resource - These are attractions that pre-date tourism i. Make a list of these activities and their locations. From deck Chairs and an ice cream Watch the music video to the right - Seaside Rendezvous. It shows the components of tourism in England in the 's. Make a note of the types of activities that tourists were taking part in.

They include deserts, ice sheets, mountains and rainforests. All activities involved in these environments include an element of risk, and often include a lot of physical exertion. Tourist activities count as extreme tourism includes rock climbing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, ice walking ands paragliding.

Watch the second YouTube video to the right hand side up to and take notes on the different sorts of extreme tourist activities and locations. Create a spider diagram with at least eight reasons with the help of your teacher. Task 4. How Adventure Travel Works P. Profile of an Adventure Traveler P.

Examples of Adventure Tour Organisations P. More Adventures P. The bright yellow and red destinations show you tourism hot spots and pink and purple, lesser visited destinations.

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Compare it to the map of ' Top 10 World Tourist Destinations ' underneath and to the global flight patterns map. Using all three maps, complete a piece of writing to explain why the top 10 tourist destinations are so popular and why remote tourism is growing. Task 4 - Homework. Watch the documentary 'First Contact' below.

The economic impacts of tourism are reported to be positive, given the increase in employment opportunities and the improvements made to urban infrastructure in the three communities studies Velasco et al. Among residents, there is an insufficient perception of the accumulated impacts of tourism and the effects of the synergies of each type of tourism that is developed, in relation to the characteristics and identity of the traditional populations. The measures proposed and existing monitoring efforts are generally weak among tourism companies. There is a deficiency in the implementation of monitoring and environmental auditing on the part of the municipal governments and other public institutions Velasco et al.

Efforts are needed to strengthen environmental education and outreach activities that engage all public and private organizations, institutions and the community. These efforts must include capacity-building and training programs for the communities, entrepreneurs, institutions and workers in general. Tourism Management, 58, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 25, Filimonau, V.


Impact Assessment of Tourism Construction in Cuba. Journal of Environmental Protection, 6, Environmental Modelling and Software, 47, Estudio ambiental de Papallacta. Trabajo de curso.

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Journal of Environmental Protection, 5, Science, Horsholm: VKI. Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research, 3, Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research, 4, Cub : Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo.

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  • In Environmental Assessment Outlook. Lincoln: Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. Estudio ambiental de Mindo Trabajo de curso. Estudio ambiental de Banos de Aguas Santas.

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    Ecological Indicators, 51, Share This Article:. The paper is not in the journal. Go Back HomePage. DOI: Lourdes Ruiz. ABSTRACT The objective of this study is to determine the adverse environmental effects of tourism activities on various heritage populations located in the sierra or Andean highlands region of Ecuador. The effects being studied have been classified into impacts on the physical, abiotic, biotic, socio-culture and economic environment.

    Tourism in Hong Kong

    The automated method using RIAM Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix software was employed in this analysis, which required the preparation of a baseline study in the small communities evaluated. A social perception survey was conducted of local residents regarding tourism, assisted by International University of Ecuador students fulfilling practical coursework requirements. Based on the conclusions of the case studies, some strategic proposals and recommendations were developed that can be incorporated into sustainable tourism management plans in communities with natural and cultural heritage values.

    Introduction Tourism is an engine of the economy for historic towns, as long as it is practiced with a focus on sustainability, respect for autochthonous culture, the environment and the tangible and intangible socio-cultural heritage. An eroding coastline. What happens to the sediment which has been eroded from the sand dunes? When did the sediment balance change from accretion to erosion? Should anything be done about erosion of the sand dunes? But there have been critics, such as the local MP, who has called the project " Disney for ducks " What could you investigate by fieldwork?

    Each research question has been split into 2 or 3 sub-questions. Research questions Sub questions What is the impact of the coastal defences at x? Where are the hard defences at x? What is the impact on the hard defences on longshore drift and the rate of deposition? Is there any historical evidence for the difference that the coastal defences have made?

    Is coastal squeeze happening at x? What is the land use along the coast at x? How vulnerable are different places along the coast at x to coastal flooding and rising sea-levels? Is there any historical evidence for changing land use along the coast at x? How successful are the coastal management strategies used at x? What coastal management strategies are used at x?