Essay it is great being a teenager in south africa

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Being a Gay Teenager in Nepal! - Coming out - #noFilter

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An essay about it is great being a teenager in south africa

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I had to work on a paper, the format of which was not clear to me at all. The alluring yet horrendous Garden of Eden is also known as South Africa. South Africa attracted many European colonists, especially the Dutch, causing them to settle and colonize there Strong Essays words 5.

After the National Party won they had been given the Sauer report, which said that they had to choose between integration or an Apartheid. They chose the Apartheid which meant racial segregation of all of the races. They were split into 3 groups black, coloured and white and they were forced to move to an area specifically designated to their colour. The blacks in South Africa were basically denied of their human rights and treated very terribly. The segregation was awful and the blacks were denied most everything.

They were denied education, land, involvement in the government, healthcare, they even were denied entry into the city at some points.

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Blacks were beaten and tortured for no reason and the circumstances were awful for them Strong Essays words 4. We wanted a peaceful transition and we wanted all of us as South Africans to prosper. And we did, for a time. Our country knows how to come together like no other. It truly is a rainbow nation. Yet, there are many places where educational problems remain rife. Poorer communities often noted with gratitude that free education is available, government has arranged for free transport to schools for the poor, and children often are served food at school and need not drop out because of hunger , even at some secondary schools.

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On occasion pupils receive uniforms and school bags, often with help from community organizations from the more privileged parts of society. In contrast, participants from more advantaged communities across racial lines noted the sub-standard nature of public education and schools that suffer lack of teachers and infrastructure. Our children can go to school for free, and so can we, because ABET is free. Participants in the Cape Town-MM group have sympathy for the need for black-African youth to be afforded special opportunities to gain skills training, but related their own longing to have the same opportunities, on the same scale.

Despite good access to free education, and the realization of other education opportunities, educational rights remain imperfectly realized. There were widespread reports of experiences with declining levels of education. Voices from black-African background noted improved access and the freedom to choose schools, yet they lamented that black-African pupils may come to feel inferior because many cannot escape their less privileged backgrounds.

The Jozini group noted that poor children are often unable to obtain school uniforms, and hoped that their local councilor would ask the municipality for help. Several black-African groups also noted that as educational access improves, mother tongue education and valued cultural practices decline. In the s I needed 50 percent.

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This is like breaking down the new generation. The Whittlesea group told the story of a community not tasting the benefits of a fully functional educational system, not enjoying full geographic access to schools and unable to afford school uniforms. Their experiences have some similarity with children in metropolitan areas that commute over great distances to access better schools Pilot. The Whittlesea women said:.

Essay South Africa -- Africa

It is not about money; we know that if we put our minds to it we can do it. Some from this group feel desperately caught below the floor-boards of racial identity, noting that the opportunities for learning, skills enrichment and small business facilitation elude them. They believe that they do not obtain jobs even when they have skills. Similar to the Indian Durban group, they feel they are rejected when they are otherwise qualified because of color.

Many, including from black-African groups, do not feel the government sufficiently helps them to find jobs. Others, as in the Makana group, attribute the success of new or recent black-African business owners to ANC government initiatives.

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Several groups noted the advancement of opportunities for children due to school feeding schemes in many schools. These are seen to advance the prospects of children taking advantage of whatever education is available. Adult South Africans have mixed experiences in trying to access food parcels, noting favoritism by officials.

Some people register after me, but they know the officials and get parcels before me.

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There are great improvements in access to and the provision of some form of health care. However, there is little praise when participants reflect on their experiences at clinics. They first report problems simply getting to a clinic, especially amongst the elderly and sick children. When they arrive, the clinic is typically packed with people, there may very well be no or insufficient medicines in stock, or no doctor or other medical staff to attend to needs.