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Proposals for topics and authors should be directed to the journal office. Quarterly Journal of Economics. The Quarterly Journal of Economics is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language.

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. The journal publishes full-length and short letter papers in the area of financial decision-making, specifically behavioral finance and experimental finance. The journal is open to but not limited to papers which cover investigations of biases, the role of various neurological markers in financial decision making, national and organizational culture as it impacts financial decision making, sentiment and asset pricing, the design and implementation of experiments to investigate financial decision making and trading, methodological experiments, and natural experiments.

Both empirical and theoretical papers which cast light on behavioral and experimental topics are welcomed. Journal of Finance. The Journal of Finance publishes leading research across all the major fields of financial research. It is the most widely cited academic journal on finance.

The journal is the official publication of The American Finance Association. Health Psychology. Health Psychology is a journal devoted to understanding the scientific relations among psychological factors, behavior and physical health and illness. The readership is broad with respect to discipline, background, interests, and specializations. The main emphasis of the journal is on original research, including integrative theoretical review papers, meta-analyses, treatment outcome trials, and brief scientific reports.

Papers are of theoretical or practical importance for understanding relations among behavior, psychosocial factors, and physical health, as well as their application. Papers also address the translation of scientific findings for practice and policy.

Economics Research Paper Topics

The journal publishes original scholarly articles on many topics, including contextual factors that may contribute to disease or its prevention. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. The journal publishes manuscripts that develop significant psychological theories on fundamental decision processes, or report and interpret previously unknown phenomena. It focuses on publishing original empirical reports, critical review papers, theoretical analyses, methodological contributions, and book reviews.

The objective of the journal is to stimulate, facilitate, and present high-quality behavioral research on decision making. Studies of behavioral decision making in real-life contexts are encouraged. Papers published in JBDM encompass individual, interpersonal and group decision making, including consumer behavior and behavioral economics. Journal of Consumer Psychology.

The Journal of Consumer Psychology JCP publishes top-quality research articles that contribute both theoretically and empirically to our understanding of the psychology of consumer behavior. It publishes articles in areas such as consumer judgment and decision processes, consumer needs, attitude formation and change, reactions to persuasive communications, consumption experiences, consumer information processing, consumer-brand relationships, affective, cognitive, and motivational determinants of consumer behavior, family and group decision processes, and cultural and individual differences in consumer behavior.

Most published articles are likely to report new empirical findings, obtained either in the laboratory or in field experiments that contribute to existing theory in both consumer research and psychology. However, results of survey research, correlational studies, and other methodological paradigms are also welcomed to the extent that the findings extend our psychological understanding of consumer behavior.

Journal of Economic Psychology. The Journal of Economic Psychology aims to present research that will improve understanding of behavioral, especially socio-psychological, aspects of economic phenomena and processes. The journal seeks to be a channel for the increased interest in using behavioral science methods for the study of economic behavior, and so to contribute to better solutions for societal problems, by stimulating new approaches and theorizations about economic affairs.

Economic psychology as a discipline studies the psychological mechanisms that underlie consumption and other economic behavior. It deals with preferences, choices, decisions, and factors influencing these elements, as well as the consequences of decisions and choices with respect to the satisfaction of needs. This includes the impact of external economic phenomena upon human behavior and well-being.

Studies in economic psychology may relate to different levels of aggregation, from the household and the individual consumer to the macro level of whole nations. Economic behavior in connection with inflation, unemployment, taxation, economic development, consumer information, and economic behavior in the marketplace are thus the major fields of interest.

Special issues of the journal may be devoted to themes of particular interest. The journal encourages exchanges of information between researchers and practitioners by acting as a forum for discussion and debates on issues in both theoretical and applied research. Journal of Health Psychology. The Journal of Health Psychology is an international peer-reviewed journal that aims to support and help shape research in health psychology from around the world. It also addresses the social contexts in which psychological and health processes are embedded.

Economics Research Paper Topics

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology and emphasizes empirical reports, but it may also include specialized theoretical, methodological, and review papers. Among topics covered are attitudes, attributions, and stereotypes, self-regulation, and the origins and consequences of moods and emotions insofar as these interact with cognition.

Health Care Reform

Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes focuses on psychological and structural features of interaction in dyads and groups. Topics include group and organizational processes such as social influence, group decision making and task performance, pro-social behavior, and other types of social behavior. The Personality Processes and Individual Differences section publishes research on all aspects of personality psychology and includes studies of individual differences and basic processes in behavior, emotions, health, and motivation.

Judgment and Decision Making. It is open access and published on the World Wide Web. These include, but are not limited to, experimental studies of judgments of hypothetical scenarios; experimental economic approaches to individual and group behavior; use of physiological methods to understand human judgments and decisions; discussions of normative models such as utility theory; and applications of relevant theory to medicine, law, consumer behavior, business, public choice, and public economics.

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes publishes fundamental research in organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and human cognition, judgment, and decision-making.

Oxford Economic Papers | Oxford Academic

The journal features articles that present original empirical research, theory development, meta-analysis, and methodological advancements relevant to the substantive domains served by the journal. Topics covered by the journal include perception, cognition, judgment, attitudes, emotion, well-being, motivation, choice, and performance. The journal is interested in articles that investigate these topics as they pertain to individuals, dyads, groups, and other social collectives.

For each topic, the journal places a premium on articles that make fundamental and substantial contributions to understanding psychological processes relevant to human attitudes, cognitions, and behavior in organizations. Psychological Science. Psychological Science , the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science previously the American Psychological Society , is the highest ranked empirical journal in psychology.

The journal publishes cutting-edge research articles, short reports, and research reports spanning the entire spectrum of the science of psychology.

Journal news

This journal is the source for the latest findings in cognitive, social, developmental, and health psychology, as well as behavioral neuroscience and biopsychology. Psychological Science routinely features studies employing novel research methodologies and the newest, most innovative techniques of analysis. Management Science. Management Science publishes scientific research on the practice of management.

Within its scope are all aspects of management related to strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, information technology, and organizations as well as all functional areas of business, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and operations. The journal includes studies on organizational, managerial, and individual decision making, from both normative and descriptive perspectives.

Marketing Science. Marketing Science covers a range of topics, including advertising, marketing research, pricing and promotions, and targetability.

Other subjects include consumer perception models and those relating to the subject of purchasing behavior. Journal of Marketing Research. The Journal of Marketing Research JMR publishes manuscripts that address research in marketing and marketing research practice. The journal publishes articles representing the entire spectrum of research in marketing, ranging from analytical models of marketing phenomena to descriptive and case studies.

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Most of the research currently published in JMR fits into the following two categories: 1 Empirical research that tests a theory of consumer or firm behavior in the marketplace and 2 methodological research that presents new approaches for analyzing data or addressing marketing research problems.