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  1. Newsweek my turn essay submissions
  2. Newsweek Addresses the “Crisis of the American Spirit”
  3. Newsweek Takes Liberty with Photo-cropping David Hume Kennerly’s Dick Cheney picture
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Newsweek my turn essay submissions

Harry S Truman 6. John F. Kennedy 7. Dwight Eisenhower 8. Bill Clinton 9. Ronald Reagan Barack Obama. When do we find out? I 39;m not holding out much hope but just wondering if only winners get notified or everyone. What do you need to.

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You want to have a hard woman, kaplan newsweek my turn essay competition instead. And sing kaplan newsweek my turn essay contest myself. Do I care about community Newsweek my turn essay contest - Montrose Avalanche Newsweek my turn essay contest Did we spoil it? Ducharme, Jamie.

Newsweek Addresses the “Crisis of the American Spirit”

Greenberg, Emma. Levin, Dan. Luna, Aletheia. Sol, Mateo. In , Taurus Buchanan threw a single, deadly punch in a street fight among kids and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. At the time of his arrest, Taurus, a young African American boy living in Louisiana, was a loving son, a hard worker, and a loyal friend.

But most importantly, he was just a kid. So why should Taurus, who was still a child at the time of his arrest, be given a sentence reserved for serial killers, cold-blooded murderers, and violent gang members? Life in prison for juveniles has been a phenomenon plaguing our nation for over 50 years.

Newsweek Takes Liberty with Photo-cropping David Hume Kennerly’s Dick Cheney picture

Even after the Supreme Court Case, Miller v. Alabama, which established that mandatory life sentences for children were unconstitutional, many children are still unjustly sentenced and forced to spend their formative years locked behind bars. Currently, there are over 10, children incarcerated across America. Of those 10, children, 3, are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. But prisons are dangerous places for children.

While in prison, children are five times more likely to be sexually assaulted, are at an increased risk of suicide, and are exposed to violent and destructive behaviors.

A study, which tested juvenile offenders for the level of trauma they experienced while imprisoned, found that two-thirds of the incarcerated youths tested reported symptoms related to high aggression, depression, and anxiety. Even more shockingly, thirty percent reported a history of sexual or physical abuse, and eighty-four percent had tried marijuana at least once in their life. So how can we solve this issue?

The answer is placing a stronger emphasis on rehabilitation rather than punitive sentences for children. This brain flexibility not only makes teenagers more susceptible to reckless behavior, but also makes them more amenable to rehabilitation than adults. In Missouri, one of the few states that places a strong emphasis on juvenile rehabilitation, only 8 percent of juvenile offenders who were rehabilitated were arrested again, representing its vast potential for success. In almost every aspect of life, the U. Regardless, when it comes to the criminal justice system, they are still subjected to the same repercussions as adults.

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We must continually challenge this egregious double standard, urging politicians to emphasize the importance of rehabilitation for juvenile offenders. Armstrong, Ken, and Corey G. Cose, Ellis. Gottesman, David, and Susan Wile Schwarz. Muller, Robert T. Robinson, Rashad. But Try Telling Prosecutors That. Roll Call Staff. Meet up with a group of people and the conversation inevitably turns to something wrong with the activity, their work, or their day.

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  4. Even the news focuses almost solely on the negative. Why do we love pessimism? The answer actually comes from our ancient ancestors; according to psychologist Timothy Bono, Ph. Historically, genes focused on negativity helped us survive.

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    So, why do we need to change our outlook on life? It turns out the positive thinking your local yoga teacher preaches can increase your lifespan and rewire your brain for the better. Though it sounds cliche, negativity can actually damage your health. The more often a thought is processed, the nearer those synapses grow.

    Commentary: With Newsweek's demise, I'll never get my turn -

    There are several methods to break this habit. One is training your brain to be more positive; as positive thoughts become more common, those synapses grow closer together and make your brain more apt to optimism. Another comes from surrounding yourself with positive people. Our brains, instinctually empathetic, will fire synapses to mirror the emotions it sees around it.

    Again, the more often those synapses fire, the closer they draw, and the more instinctual that thought process becomes. Alderman, Lesley. Editorial Board. Hoffman, Andrew. Jaworski, Margaret.

    When I first heard about the Ethiopian Airlines crash of a Boeing Max 8 and the panic it incited with the flying public, I dismissed it. The crash bears a striking resemblance to another crash of a Max 8 Lion Air flight in October A single false reading could drive the planes into the ground. The FAA outsourced considerable elements of the inspection and certification process of the Max 8 to Boeing. Had the FAA inspected the planes themselves, rather than allowing Boeing to rush the plane into production, the two crashes might not have happened.

    The corporate greed goes even further. The New York Times reported that Boeing charges extra for two safety features, neither equipped on the downed planes, that could have prevented the crashes. An optional angle-of-attack indicator would tell the pilots what the sensors were seeing, and an optional disagree light would indicate when the two sensors are disagreeing with each other.