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Christmas is the time when we all make the effort to come down at the same time.

We go on the 24th of December and play family games all day. On Christmas day we wake up early, around 8 a.

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When we do get round to opening our gifts, after dinner has been put on and the vegetables have been peeled, one of us hands each present out, one at a time. After presents we all help to get the dinner dished up and the table laid.

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For dinner we have a turkey with all of the trimmings, we say grace before dinner and then pull our crackers. We have a competition to see who can keep their hat on for the whole day. After dinner comes the washing up, which we all help with.

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Then we enjoy family games which we either got that day or we dig out the old classics. The games are my favorite part of the day. It is something which everyone gets involved in and has a great laugh over. Our family traditions at Christmas have been adapted since people have moved away however, we always make the effort to be together and play games together. Our traditions are much the same as any family; we eat, we give gifts and be merry.

Christmas Essay

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Personal Narrative - Christmas Memory Essay

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Descriptive Essay on Christmas

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